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January 2017


What? Seriously?
Seriously serious
Cereal killers

Fruit Loops took over
The White House replacing the
Double U with S

Subject to desires
And to deep-seated blindness
Minions followed

The cliff is that way
And though Disney’s not involved*
Metaphors cloak truths



Dirty Business


Too much pollution
In our air, in our water
In our politics


“There is the path of wisdom and the path of ignorance. They are far apart and lead to different ends … Abiding in the midst of ignorance, thinking themselves wise and learned, fools go aimlessly hither and thither like the blind led by the blind. What lies beyond life shines not to those who are childish, or careless, or deluded by wealth. ”

– Katha Upanishad,

This Gem

This gem is dedicated to my U.S. “followers”. (What an unfortunate term that is.) My thoughts are frequently with you in your plight.

At times I think satire is all that’s left. Other times I see it differently.

And there’s always poetry.

POTUS Poots Forth Another


“Wake up, Pop, you have to meet the press.”
“What is it this time? Why can’t I just tweet?”
“This Harvey thing’s too big. You have to meet.
And be careful not to look like you couldn’t care less.”

“Why don’t you go, Ivanka, in a slinky low-cut dress?
Distract ’em. Let your booty take the heat.”
“But you’ll be on TV, centre stage, comfy seat.”
“Well in that case … Oh no! Look! My hair’s a mess.”

Now he’s in make-up sat polishing his schtick
And figuring out ways he can stroll off with some big money.
“I’ll have him deported.” “I’ll make Mexico build a big wall.”
“I’ll nuke him.” “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Trouble is while thousands are suffering yer bumpkin’s so thick
He thinks “this Harvey thing” is an invisible six-foot bunny.


NOTE Any prurient innuendo or double entendre is fully intentional.




Should we view I suggest
this whole shameless charade
as perhaps simply a preplanned
(not by the foolish Fool himself)
distraction until clandestinely
Pence gets to sit on the throne
and voids his own toxic bowels
.. while the hypnotised repeat
“At least he’s not as bad as …”
when in fact …


Overtrump – “To play a trump higher than one previously played on a trick.” (

Election Time


Back home
We get the big picture
Yes, yes
All cogs in a wheel
But exiled down here
Torn to pick sides

When push comes to shove
Comes time to choose
Self or other?
Greed or comradeship?
Trust or terror?
Clarity enwrapped in mist

The right
Is in the wrong
The left
Is all that’s left
And often
A poor do at that

Left right, left right
Up, down, up down
Round and round
And round and round
And here we are again
And here we go again

USA USA USA You Were Saying?


These self-appointed slick lords
Never as cool as they’d like
Foreverly seeking applause

In the forever even dragons
Left entertaining archons
Have demons of their own

Riding the American nightmare
Jet and ivory – non consensual
The wizard is behind your eyes

In the absence of actual presence
The child imagines companions
Drums up sugar plum fairies or …

Pays for encore after encore
Ends up head in a basket
Soul sold to the soulless

Carries on, on and on resonating
Aleatorically, unapologetically
Their cross to bear

Hay To ‘n’ For The Chief


……………………………………………………………………………………………This One’s For Charles

They never arrived
The forty acres and mule
Just the mule it seems

While The Fittest Survived …


Man’s ego
(Note the gender)
Misreads the message
Sets God aside
Takes over
In a mindless haze
Heads heedlessly
For the nearest cliff

Dreams Of Glory


Hope springs eternal
While empires decay and die
Without being mourned

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