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Hope For Free Speech

“As the Coronavirus crisis set in, censorship of vaccine information, 5G concerns, and natural options for boosting the immune system and surviving the virus were instantly suppressed.”

“What are you going to tell your grandchildren you did during the great reduction of human rights of 2020? Did you sit at home and do as you were told, or did you fight back, did you question authority?” – Brian Rose

Of course there’s always The Nuremberg Defence

Advice On Thieving

“If some poor devil steals a belt buckle, he is decapitated. If a powerful politician takes possession of a whole country, the professional moralisers flock to him to put their “wisdom” at his disposal. The logical conclusion is that, rather than wasting one’s time with small thefts, one should steal a whole country. Then one will not have to go to the trouble of further thefts or have to fear the executioner’s axe.” – Chuang Tzu.

(Taken from “Taoist Wisdom: Daily Teachings From The Taoist Sages” – Timothr Freke.)



If we do
Whatever we seek to do
In search of righteousness
Then that is sufficient
Is it not?

We reflect on our actions
But these may over time
Fall into unexamined habits

Refreshing our examination
Of our beliefs
Our understandings
Our day to day experiences

May allow us to escape
The boxes we have built
Reconnect us to the Eternal

From which we arose

Oughtistic Behaviour


One or more actions carried out
Generally reflexively and unconsciously
As a response to a set of unquestioned moral prerogatives

Who Am I? What Is This Place? Who Are All These Others?


Travel your own journey.
Travel toward your own destination.

That is the essential.

It always was.

You were born alone.
You will die alone.

All this you already know.
I am telling you nothing new.

with or without sex or commitment or marriage,
is at bottom a side issue.

Don’t fall into simply using others,
and certainly don’t fall into letting them use you.
Always remain true to your ultimate journey and its goal.

Measure all relationships against this:
Are they helpful (EXCELLENT);
entertainment (OK, IF YOU DON’T LET IT TAKE OVER);
or obstacles (DANGER! AVOID).

Travel well.

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