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The Eyes Have It

Take a look around you. Now cover your right eye and look carefully at the scene or some specific object. Then cover your left eye and look carefully at it. You will notice that it appears a little different each time, though you may need to switch back and forth a few times before you appreciate this fully. It is apparent that what anything “is” depends on the point of view, and it makes no sense to assert that any particular view is “THE ONE AND ONLY TRUTH”.

If this is the case when we consider the two eyes in a single head, think what this implies when we start to consider all the eyes in all the different heads there are.

Of course some folk only have one eye, and some folk have poor sight or else their vision is distorted in some way, while other folk are completely blind. It would be foolish, surely, to argue with them about the “Truth”. Perhaps an approach to the question with a little more understanding and compassion might be appropriate.


Just Saying


Stupidity is an involuntary lack of vision.
Of course the same is true of blindness.

We have compassion for folk who are blind
but not so much for those who are stupid.

We switch from physiological to metaphorical
and get our (metaphorical) knickers in a twist.

These stupid, irritating folk have a vision too.
But it’s wrong. – Why? – Because it isn’t ours.



Sleep? … Two kinds there are
Of sleep on offer laid out here
One, shuteye, quietly provides
Both comfort and new strength

The other muffles ears and eyes
Wheedles, “Sleep, sleep, sleep”
Another form of comfort maybe
But built on ever shifting sands

Sleep – literal and metaphoric
Treat each in a wise manner
And remember there is more
To life than sleep and comfort

Nor is sleep the truest comfort
Rise up now and walk, Lazarus
There is many a mile yet to go
Before your rest in awakening

Cul De Sac


Face it
You got lost
You drove into a cul de sac

Time to reverse out
and continue down a new road
that isn’t a dead end

(or at least not until
you’ve done some decent living

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