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As a young man I can well recall
I found it easy, without question
To speak the words: “I love you”

These days I rarely utter them
I see I have become more wary
With each accumulating year

Though whether of other people
Or of the full meaning of the word
I really cannot say

Holly Cole – I Don’t Wanna Grow Up


A follow-on to “Tiny Details” (

Tiny Details


Tiny details make all the difference
When slicing a sandwich in two
Always cut from corner to corner
Leaving two sweetly inviting triangles

Don’t go straight down the middle
Reducing it to crude boring boxes
Not just that either – for the taste
Is appreciably more elegant

What nonsense, I hear you saying
How childish, how ridiculous
Will he never grow up, mature?
Abandon fantasy, accept the real world?

In the meantime he is quite happy
Carefully biting off each corner
So now he has two little cottages
While they are stuck with office blocks

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