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Ball And Chain


The love of your life
So sweet, so all-embracing
So dear, so costly

Zero Hour Still


Limping along
Weeping and leaking
Hung from a meat hook
Dripping the odd twisting Ought
The vague Maybe, Could have, Should have
Hung here alongside that (first) wife
…..(Wife X; Wife Ex)
Who found herself a better deal
…..(Till he left her for her own best friend
…..Karma, do I hear you think?
…..But don’t let’s be petty)
And this (second) wife
…..(Wife Y; Wife Why?)
Slowly dying after our thirty-plus years

But then aren’t we all three – and all – ageing by degrees?
While languidly reviewing – in our less distracted moments
(mainly imagined after all in one way or another)
A past or two … or three … or four …
How are we after all? Ageing or raging?
Hell, what does the odd letter matter over the decades?
The shifting sifting sand? The personal eggtimer?
Down done drowning in the one unknowing inevitable
Still mainly well intended while well off the mark
Ho hum … Ho hum … Mea culpa

So cruelly mean in the mean time
Milhaud plays on the play machine
For better or for worse
Here a moment
There a moment
Gone … Gone … Gone
Still forced to be here
Forced to go there
The Force is with us
I like this, I like that
Still, who cares what I like?
Yes, who cares what I like?


Nuptials Ongoing


She’s always found right
Whereas he’s always found wrong
He’s her perfect match

He’s probably right
Whereas she’s probably wrong
But he keeps the peace

Chiselling at it
Venturing past right and wrong
They’ve found perfect peace

Divorce (15b)


Eggs don’t bounce
No doubt about it
Broken shell
Yolk and white
Slowly evaporating
Seems that’s all we left


Shadorma November

Coupling And Decoupling


Power she had in mind, in body too
He also had his power, duly exerted
And weaknesses (carefully disguised)

They once so hip, but now replaced
Following their gradual disrobement
As together all’s well that ends well

Bruised, Bemused And Disabused – A Villanelle


Everything around me looks so very strange
My poor heart has been through the blender
Seems the only thing safe to trust is change

Bells and vows and rings to exchange
They’re playing our song: “Love Me Tender”
Everything around me looks so very strange

How sweet the fresh taste of each interchange
An angel filling life with her beauty and splendour
Seems the only thing safe to trust is change

Drifted off, faded away, withdrew out of range
Whatever I did would just offend her
Everything around me looks so very strange

Now I’m a box gathering dust at the post exchange
And the Presley song is “Return To Sender”
Seems the only thing safe to trust is change

A vast empty chasm, a mountain range
She’s gouged out then piled up to defend her
Everything around me looks so very strange
Seems the only thing safe to trust is change

This was written as a contribution to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt No. 52.


Ben Her


We are always together
We are always alone
We are always ourselves
Alone together alone

Twilight’s Last Gleaming


Let us stroll now this empty orchard
Gone out of season and out of time
Grasp poetry, physics, the perfect rhyme*
To toast the Doctor’s magic pilchard†
A heavenly couple’s life is hard
S’not all apples, there’s sweat and grime
And groping in the dark and slime
With nothing sure left behind to guard

Cast out of the bright garden and left alone
Adam’s apple crumbles leaving merely bone
Always was a throaty tickle mainly subliminal
The doctor’s bobs in uttering the word “terminal”
In God they trust, in palliative they clutch
And this and that and so and such


* … our favourite Time Lord who had been teaching everything from poetry to physics – “they’re the same thing, same rhymes” …

† “Once, long ago, a fisherman caught a magic haddock. The haddock offered him three wishes in return for its life. The fisherman said, “I’d like for my son to come home from the war. And a hundred pieces of gold.” The problem is, the magic haddock, like robots, don’t think like people. The fisherman’s son came home from the war, in a coffin. And the king sent a hundred gold pieces in recognition of his heroic death. The fisherman had one wish left. What do you think he wished for? Some people say he should have wished for an infinite series of wishes, but if your city proves anything, it is that granting all your wishes is not a good idea. […] In fact, the fisherman wished he hadn’t wished the first two wishes.”

– The Doctor.

Updated Wedding Vows


Accompany me
Till I am overcome by
Death or dementia
Being no longer of use
I release you from your vow

Role Play


What wonderful stand-ins we make
You cast as my absent mother
Me cast as your absent father
Let’s go nail it on the retake

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