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Fools define it as
A fortunate happenstance
While behind the scenes …



Feelings flicker on and off
Change places like a carousel

You know …
or else you do not know …

You love …
or else you do not love …

You hate …
or else you do not hate …

You fear …
or else you do not fear …

Admire …
worship …
or else despise …

… him
or … her
or … them
or … people

You think or else you do not think of
these feelings flickering on and off
changing places like a carousel

just words
simply words?



You scan a few words
Thoughts and feelings rise and fall
Construct a whole world



Ali’s tale concealed a great truth
I cracked the code and found my own
A treasure trove of magic words
“Oh pen”, says me and hey presto!



I finally learned
To live magic

Not as if
That fixes anything

Or needs to

Which is good

One Two Infinity


One is One and all alone
(And evermore shall be so)
Of course you can add more Ones
Over and over and over again
Until the planet groans

Or you might try to multiply
That One by One by One
As many times as you like and more
But you’ll still be left alone
With no more than a single One

Yet bring on a Two
And you’re in with a chance
Of getting somewhere
No longer stuck in singularity
Insufficient, however singular

Addition diversifies, yes
But only at a plodding pace
Multiplication’s the real magician
A roguish twinkle in the eye
And an ace of hearts up the sleeve

You only require
A One and a Two
A little compounded interest
And in short order – Infinity and beyond!
Both within and without

Though without being with Two
You find, alack and alas
A lack and a loss
And being One alone
Is now no longer such fun

Infinity has some unusual properties
Infinity plus One, Infinity plus Two …
Continue adding more as long as you like
The answer remains, like Alice’s tea table, Infinity
For there is no escaping Infinity

Even infinite Infinities remain in essence One
Now, bear with me, envision, if you will
Introduce a mirror and One becomes Two
While two mirrors, face to face, produce
Infinities as far as two I’s can see

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