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Masque Balls (Republished)


Waking dreams, flights of fancy;
mind’s eyes bright as phantasy,
conjoined twins wax ecstatic.
Tripping lightly the old fantastic,
“To battle!” both genders cry,
as ladies, painted, bustle slyly by,
caught up in nature’s rapture,
discreetly intent on decorous capture;
while line on line of plumed hussars
– Theirs not to reason why – give forth huzzahs.


Musings on the mating game.

Pirouette And Parody


What tawdry melodies
What over-frequented bars
What cliché-laden notes

What lustful desires
What spiteful tricks
What fearful denials

What we choose to call love
What a grotesque ballet
We turn it into



Plays out Don Juan trope
Imagining them all his
Spends his life dreaming

The slippery slope
Into desire’s abyss
And ends up screaming

Pretty Boy Blind (A Four By Six)


She is available
You’re irresistible
You don’t see a problem
And just there’s your problem

The Mating Game


Predators of flesh
Groping for one another
Blind children, and lost

Even White Folks Get The Blues

I see women here, yes, but no black folk yet.
One day before I pass over? Il faut espérer.

Same Again? (A Night Out On The Town)


Sheathed in leather the necrophiles
Straddle Babylon the Whore
While Memphis Kingston blows
(Like Britain grating through the Seventies
I have passed my high water mark
And the wrack stinks along the shore

Like the Royal Navy after an armistice
Full of unwanted and unnecessary seamen
A slave to vile passions)
It says on the bog wall: “What I’d like to know
Is who put the cunt in Scunthorpe?”
Would that my own purpose were so clear

Playing pub games of ancient artifice
Shouldering a passage through the wrecks
Gone aground at the bar
Floundering among all this flesh
Whose strangest suggestions
Are dancing lessons from a siren

Pondering the steps to take
When grace is not enough
And Helen of Troy picks her nose in the ladies
God in the guise of the Lady Incarnadine
Who took from me even my faith
And left me to carry on

O Dear Departed that thought to find
A genital Jesus to save ya
A fallacy – that he might be internally yours
And by a coincidence of opposites
Confused the sacerdotal with the scatological and thought
The penis mightier than the sword


Republished from 2011.

A Well-travelled Word


“Depraved” has baggage
Powerful connotations
Send hot-cold shudders


This is a “Three Word Wednesday” contribution.

Seed words: “Cold”, “Depraved”, “Powerful”.

Chorley Market


Sweet market vendor
Incredibly edible
“Ripe juicy navels”
Thirty plus years have gone by
She still bellies my button





Let’s simplify things
Tomorrow complicates them
But tonight is ours

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