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Playing The Game

“The cliché is that ‘power corrupts’ but it would be more accurate, and more telling, to rephrase this as ‘the ability to define reality corrupts’! If I have the power to define reality than I am pretty much untouchable; if I have the power to say what reality is and what it isn’t then I can get away with just about anything. How can I get caught out when ‘everything I do is right’ (or when ‘everything I do is eminently justifiable’) and you can be sure that everything I do will be excused in this way if I’m the one in charge of the ‘official validation procedure’!”

Crazy Love


Love is like sugar
Craziness is like salt
Without either life is tasteless
While too much of either
Quickly spoils the enjoyment

But in the right proportions
Ah, how to describe it?
I do not have the skill
Still I know it when I taste it
And want to lick the platter clean

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

I have posted this one before but way back in 2012 so nearly none of the current readers will have seen it before.

Roundelay: Shadorma


It is in
The darkest hour
That the worst
Is over
And things can only improve
With this fresh cycle

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

This is a response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #110

Paradigm Paradox


Up where we truly live
Time and space are phantoms
What we do; what we say
Already history

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