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My experience with “Dharma”

Sushmita Das

Art of Lord Krishna made by my friend Nikita Samantaray

Dharma/Righteousness …this word has always perplexed me. I had a perception that righteousness means “doing right to others. Being Just and fair with everyone”.

My father always says “walk on the path of Dharma” I was unable to perceive his words, what exactly does he mean by “dharma”! Although, I have grown up seeing him doing the Just things no matter who did what wrong to him be it in terms of words or action, he always stood up for the Right and taught me to take a stand for the RIGHT! Yet I had a vague definition of “Dharma”. I wanted to know the meaning of righteousness beyond being just Right and doing Right!

Lately, after the onset of lockdown due the arrival of this dreadful pandemic at the doorstep of every nation, made me move towards watching the…

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She knows nothing
She doesn’t know that
She knows without knowing
Best not to tell her that though
It would take years and years
For her to recover her grace
Effortless effortlessness
No need for knowing
Unknown knowing

The Get-together


Meet your family.
Here is your brother Andyet;
Your sister Maybe.
Your cousin Alltheanswers’s
Not here yet. Her plane’s delayed.

Questionable Surroundings


I wonder
Or at least at times
Do I live
In some hell
That I myself have dreamed up?
Shall I ever know?

Overreaching Oneself


“I” think “I” know, yet
It’s mostly conjecture and
So I tried out “We” then “You”
But then “I” says much the same

Off Line


Why spend each day of life on edge
Without taking time to pause or relax

Preacher, Teacher, Scientist, Anchor
There’s no sooth in their proffered proof

Better to simply watch their lips flapping
With the Sound on Mute and ears open

To that other unadvertised broadcast
To all those to whom it may concern



Does a pen know what words to use?
Surely it is only the wielder of the pen.
And does a writer know what tale to tell?
This wielding business when examined
Surely begs a few questions of its own.

Unknown Known v Known Unknown


“Those who know don’t speak.”
The Tao Te Ching says; likewise:
“Those who speak don’t know.”
Never trusted a smartarse
Even when I became one.



Often their knowledge
Is simply blind ignorance
In a fancy suit

The Power Of Words


To know
That a tomato
Is a fruit
Is knowledge
(q.v. Miles Kington)

To know not to
Put it in
Your fruit salad
Is wisdom
(q.v. ibid)

To believe
That a tornado
Is a fruit
Or put one in your fruit salad
Is (what they call) madness

And yet
We do similar every day
Confusing “sacred space”
With “scared space”
Being but one common exemplar

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