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My experience with “Dharma”

Sushmita Das

Art of Lord Krishna made by my friend Nikita Samantaray

Dharma/Righteousness …this word has always perplexed me. I had a perception that righteousness means “doing right to others. Being Just and fair with everyone”.

My father always says “walk on the path of Dharma” I was unable to perceive his words, what exactly does he mean by “dharma”! Although, I have grown up seeing him doing the Just things no matter who did what wrong to him be it in terms of words or action, he always stood up for the Right and taught me to take a stand for the RIGHT! Yet I had a vague definition of “Dharma”. I wanted to know the meaning of righteousness beyond being just Right and doing Right!

Lately, after the onset of lockdown due the arrival of this dreadful pandemic at the doorstep of every nation, made me move towards watching the…

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Justitia’s Secret



A black and white world
Would be so much easier
But it just ain’t so.


Nonetheless Taoists
After pondering the Whole
Manage a balance.


Words Lie


Words lie
In a pile like logs
Heaps ordered or untidy

Words lie
Or can be used to do so
(And to be honest often are)

Words lie
Playfully ambivalent
Fallow yet likewise burgeoning

Words lie
With one another wantonly
Following decree or whimsy

Words lie
As they work together to shape
The destiny of each fickle fairy land

Words lie
Ready to construct a cosy warmth
Or for dispatching the odd heretic or two

Words lie
In wait clutching their brief
Keys to justice or injustice

Words lie
Words shape, constrict ideation
Damn and blast unwelcome fact

Words lie
Whispering in our ear
Perhaps all we have in the end

Words lie
Just in case
Just in case


This was written as a contribution to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt No. 60.


The Voice: Four By Six


An untamed voice cries out
“Here’s to awakening”
And the clink of glasses
Resounds from shore to shore

MLK Forever (21a)


Not today
Tomorrow perhaps
Yet us yet
Still believe
We shall in a peaceful way
Overcome some day


Shadorma November



Fashion and custom,
belief and law,

come and go;
dissolve and evaporate.

Yet there is always
(however forgetful we become)

always, always,
two of us:

the actor …
and the observer;

and things work best
when we remain eye to eye

and hearken to
the primal

that feeds both heart
and soul;

tiller when we act,
anchor when we stand firm;

father and mother beyond this realm
and I your dutiful child.

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