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Words Lie


Words lie
In a pile like logs
Heaps ordered or untidy

Words lie
Or can be used to do so
(And to be honest often are)

Words lie
Playfully ambivalent
Fallow yet likewise burgeoning

Words lie
With one another wantonly
Following decree or whimsy

Words lie
As they work together to shape
The destiny of each fickle fairy land

Words lie
Ready to construct a cosy warmth
Or for dispatching the odd heretic or two

Words lie
In wait clutching their brief
Keys to justice or injustice

Words lie
Words shape, constrict ideation
Damn and blast unwelcome fact

Words lie
Whispering in our ear
Perhaps all we have in the end

Words lie
Just in case
Just in case


This was written as a contribution to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt No. 60.


Guilt And Shame


No one is judging
You imagined the whole think
And you are the judge

Polling Day


You always did your best
From your own point of view
And who am I to judge
Beyond my point of view?

Margaret III


Someone once
Announced that all my poems
Were merely songs

But then
She was ridden by demons so I
forgave her



No me to be right
Likewise no me to be wrong
What we encounter
Is what we see it to be
The observer no less so


“The world is an illusion; it has no real existence. And this is what is meant by ‘imagination’ (khayāl). For you just imagine that it (i.e. the world) is an autonomous reality quite different from and independent of the Absolute Reality, while in truth it is nothing of the sort. Know that you yourself are an imagination. And everything that you perceive and say to yourself, ‘this is not me’ is also an imagination. So that the whole world of existence is imagination within imagination.”

– Ibn Arabi.

Making A Difference


If you must differentiate
Try to do so horizontally
Rather than vertically

Oh God!


On the one hand – God
On the other – Religion
While in the between
Lie didactic certainty
And much misunderstanding

A Judgement On Judgement


What shall we make of our life?

A worldwide sightseeing tour
Or else a fault-finding mission?

For we shall never find a fault
Beyond those t’was we defined?

Just Saying


Stupidity is an involuntary lack of vision.
Of course the same is true of blindness.

We have compassion for folk who are blind
but not so much for those who are stupid.

We switch from physiological to metaphorical
and get our (metaphorical) knickers in a twist.

These stupid, irritating folk have a vision too.
But it’s wrong. – Why? – Because it isn’t ours.



Seeing, listening
The rest is superfluous
Seeing, listening
Imaginary judges
Responsible for them all

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