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The Wilderness


Led into the wilderness and for many days
Starved of sustenance till beyond hungry
A fine opportunity for an opportunist
“Command these stones become bread”
Rebuked – “Man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word that proceeds from God”

Satellite views proffer a majestic display
All the kingdoms of the world in a trice
Assuming the authority to do whatever
Has anyone really given such authority?
Remembering the devil is a liar I recall
Jesus replying, “Get behind me, Satan!”

Yet Hydralike here we both are again
So many toxins daily spread before us
So many temptations to rise above
What multitude of sly beckoning sins
Of snake pits, traps for the unwary
The undereducated fodder overfed

Simpering and reduced to bird brains
Posers snap selfies face to Facebook
Brash narcissists sans self-reflection
The very air awash with airwaves
Twits twittering into the emptiness
Trite triumph of vanity triumphant

Remembering the devil is a liar I recall
“Begone and get behind me, Satan!”
“Let us not live by vulgar flash alone
But by simple acts springing from heart”
I say, “No to obeisance, to surveillance
Or your slick weapons of mass distraction”


This poem was inspired by Denise G Allen’s poem Remember the Days…, although the connection may not be exactly obvious. 🙂


Mary enjoyed going to the little Sunday school every Sunday while her mummy and daddy stayed on in the big church for the sermon. She thought “Jesus first, yourself last, and others in between” was very clever, because it hid a secret important idea inside a small word and used its letters to help you remember it. She knew what “joy” meant. It was sort of tingly and friendly and made her smile and want to jump about. Singing often made her feel joy. One of her favourites was “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam”. It had a lovely tune. She knew about sunbeams. She had sat in them on sunny days, or stretched out her hand so that a sunbeam would fall on it. Sunbeams were warm and friendly. She sometimes thought about what she should do to be a sunbeam, if that was something Jesus wanted her to do. She wanted to do something for him. He sounded so nice, always helping people or explaining things to them, giving them food and making them better when they were ill. She wanted to be like him when she grew up. She would be warm and friendly like a sunbeam, help people and look after them. She smiled at that thought and, yes, it did make her feel joy. She understood! She decided she would listen carefully every Sunday to what the teacher was saying and see what other important ideas she could learn.

One Sunday morning, after singing and a prayer, the teacher started to talk about God. Mary found the things she was saying very interesting and tried to understand what she was hearing, but she wasn’t quite clear about all of it. When the teacher finished her talk she asked the class if anyone had any questions. Mary put her hand up.

“Yes Mary.”

“Is that right, that God is everywhere in the whole world?”

“Yes, that’s right.

“So is He even here, in this room?”

“That’s right.”

Mary picked up the empty jam jar that was sitting on the table in front of her. They were going to do some painting later.

“And is He even in this jam jar?”

“Yes, Mary. That’s right.”

Mary clapped her hand over the top of the jar, sealing it tight.

“Got Him!” she exclaimed with a big smile.

Fisher King


A flash
another jolt

surreal four track

no heads up

no warning
no sirens

a caramba switch
and sudden

to watch the outside
hanging from a cross
cross legged beneath a tree
rising into the sky
this moment

this one moment
this precious eternal
unanswerable moment

no time at all

tune in
tune out

two-edged sword

on my left hand
the Fisher King
in my right
the day to day data
of me-ing

Sheep And Goats


Heard pious sermons
Washed my hands of earthiness
Jesus just cracked up

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