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Ploughed Furrows: Double Shadorma


Digging jazz
(Video soundtrack)
Made back then
Here and now
Reacting in our own way
This too is unique

A sharing
Togetherness, no
Side by side
You and I
A shared experience, well
Close as we can get

Jazz Me Do


Memory splinters … Splinters linger on
Orphaned … Amputated … Alien
Earlier hellbent … Later bent
Like a banana
Like a tasty adventure
Up … Behind … To infinity and beyond

Like the neighbour who
Spotting the Buddha in the back garden asks
“What’s wit’ monk?”

Like a glance above wondering
In this boundless blossoming heaven
“What’s wit’ bird?”

What’s wit’ Bird?
Variations on a theme
Came a long long way to end up here
To land up here wondering
“What’s wit’ Miles
What’s wit’ all these miles an’ miles?”

Spanish Lady

Inexplicably underrated is this wonderful live performance from alto saxophonist John Handy and his group from the 1965 Monterey Jazz Festival.The leading critic Ralph J. Gleason wrote. “It’s an exciting group and one that will make jazz history”. Sadly his prediction has yet to be realised. But then it’s not too late. If you are taken with this piece then you can also find another recording from the same performance and album, “If Only We Knew” on YouTube. Enjoy, music lovers. 🙂

As Jazz Is (16b)


Love you like
Miles, Coltrane, Jarrett
Who needs a
Safety net?
Life and death are one to me
With you beside me


Shadorma November

Goin’ Home


You have your keyboard with you
plus I see you brought your keys along too.
As for me: I have as you see brought my horn along.

No bass required to intervene, as agreed. Too basing.
No superfluous traps either. A binding promise.
Let’s go play the blues then. Melt into one another’s I’s

Country sounds good (when using ears rather than eyes)
while delta seems inviting also. Finger style?
I’m more than willing if that’s your choice.

Twelve bar, sixteen bar, thirty-two bar if you like.
Muddy water. Let’s dive in and search for a pearl.
Fare thee well. Forever. See you on that other shore.


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