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A Winning Hand


Patience trumps annoyance
Mindfulness trumps irritation
Non-attachment trumps ego

Just Saying


Stupidity is an involuntary lack of vision.
Of course the same is true of blindness.

We have compassion for folk who are blind
but not so much for those who are stupid.

We switch from physiological to metaphorical
and get our (metaphorical) knickers in a twist.

These stupid, irritating folk have a vision too.
But it’s wrong. – Why? – Because it isn’t ours.



Oh how I love these righteous folk
Whose Comments go Up to Down
Instead of (outrageously) Down to Up
Until – Oh dear- some Reply upcomes

Setting a wildcat among the pigeons

Someone out there whose parents
Never took the time for marriage
Misspent their time spewing forth
Such misbegotten stylish Themes

Right to Left; Down to Up

“Whose umbrella can I steal?
Whose is this one here?
I’ll take it and depart
And leave them in the rain.”

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