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Each Of Us


Upon his decease
They found, clearing out his things, this envelope
Addressed “To whom it may concern”

Each of us is a PLP
A Public Leaning Post
A Poor Lonely Person

As a Public Leaning Post
I give each of you help and acceptance
And this is my Love

As a Poor Lonely Person
I ask each of you for help and acceptance
And this is my Humility

Amidst the dark and stormy seas of my pain and passion
I cling to the raft of my heart
And this is my Integrity

Among the dark and silent hills of my inner landscape
I shout “Hello” and listen to my own voice’s dying echoes
And this is my Humanity

There is a time for speech, a time for action
A time for silence and stillness
And this is my Wisdom

And as I strive to honour each moment as it is
And hold these qualities in mind
Perhaps I approach Creativity

Pilate – Nuremberg – Obama


What kind of defence is
“Just following orders”?
I hear you sold your arse
Hope you got a good price

Make It Real


Perform your own stunts
Those flashy camera tricks
No more than pyrite



Fashion and custom,
belief and law,

come and go;
dissolve and evaporate.

Yet there is always
(however forgetful we become)

always, always,
two of us:

the actor …
and the observer;

and things work best
when we remain eye to eye

and hearken to
the primal

that feeds both heart
and soul;

tiller when we act,
anchor when we stand firm;

father and mother beyond this realm
and I your dutiful child.

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