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Field Agent


Patch me through, it’s Jesús
Both hands are on the twelve

Patch me through I beg you
Comuníqueme con el distrito principal

Patch me through unspoken
Time to be here’s been and gone

Patch me through regardless
Dank, adrift and sinking fast

Patch me through for God’s sake
Pick up Mary-Jane on your way

USA USA USA You Were Saying?


These self-appointed slick lords
Never as cool as they’d like
Foreverly seeking applause

In the forever even dragons
Left entertaining archons
Have demons of their own

Riding the American nightmare
Jet and ivory – non consensual
The wizard is behind your eyes

In the absence of actual presence
The child imagines companions
Drums up sugar plum fairies or …

Pays for encore after encore
Ends up head in a basket
Soul sold to the soulless

Carries on, on and on resonating
Aleatorically, unapologetically
Their cross to bear



You give me a hug.
As a gift or a request?
I’m never certain.

Big Day Today

Today is our 25th Anniversary.

She made me a wonderful card.

Neither picture fully captures its splendour, sadly. But in the real world and in the daylight …

It was also she who introduced me to Laura Marling.

I did think, briefly, about a poem, but it would be beyond me, I fear, to convey the whole of what I would want to express. And besides, Calliope is nearly as insecure as I am; or is it the other way round?

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