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Field Agent


Patch me through, it’s Jesús
Both hands are on the twelve

Patch me through I beg you
Comuníqueme con el distrito principal

Patch me through unspoken
Time to be here’s been and gone

Patch me through regardless
Dank, adrift and sinking fast

Patch me through for God’s sake
Pick up Mary-Jane on your way

The Shite House n Lackeys: Senryu


Need taking in hand
Badly behaved children
I blame the parents

This Gem

This gem is dedicated to my U.S. “followers”. (What an unfortunate term that is.) My thoughts are frequently with you in your plight.

At times I think satire is all that’s left. Other times I see it differently.

And there’s always poetry.

Standing Rock


I have a struggle
In comprehending those

Who are using rubber bullets and tear gas
On these unarmed and peaceful protesters

How far they have lost their way
Since their birth as innocents

I wonder what lives they have endured
To have them land up in this dismal situation

Still, you do get a kind of identity
And the uniform and weapons come free

Clanging Cymbals: Sevenling


Life takes its course
Demise a constant threat
All things must pass

Questions pose themselves
We tender our own certainties
We fight and murder over faith

In truth we haven’t a clue

Too Paranoid (Republished)


He started whispering to me one night
From the wall beside my bed
Said he needed my help

That the secret police
Were controlling his thoughts
With microwave radiation

So that he wrote poems
Which they could use if they ever needed
Evidence of his insanity

And this is one of them
Which he was too paranoid to write down
So he got me to do it for him

After all, he says
I live in a democracy
And it’s quite safe here

American Reich


Whoever burns books
Is simply running away
Just ask Wilhelm Reich

An Odd Coincidence


R E P starts both
Republican and reptile
Just saying that’s all
We don’t create destiny
Just observe its unfolding

Have A Wonder-full Weekend


A sip of wine
A hint of melody …
Hallowed foundations
Shift ungoverned

Melt into lavaflows
Unleash unadmitted yearnings
Challenge this paltry masquerade
Yelled from minaret or pulpit

Hounded by fatwa and heresy
Across the centuries, this dented I
Which has, for all of that brouhaha
Such shallow roots

Must be why they ban
These dangerous demons
Intoxication, music,
Dancing, sex

While we for our part
Fight tooth and nail
To retain or else regain
These royal roads



This has been posted before, but I decided to repost it here as it is such a suitable accompaniment to this video, which I viewed today (twice 🙂 ).

Car Pollution In The UK

No Cars


Road transport is one of the biggest sources of pollution in the UK, contributing to poor air quality, noise disturbance, congestion and climate change. Of the 34 million vehicles on our roads, 28 million are cars.


Climate Change

Road transport accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) a major contributor to climate change.

Air Quality

Air pollutants from transport include nitrogen oxides, particles, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. All have a damaging impact on the health of people, animals and vegetation locally. In town centres and alongside busy roads, vehicles are responsible for most local pollution.


Noise from road traffic affects 30% of people in the UK. Sources include engine noise, tyre noise, car horns, car stereos, door slamming, and squeaking brakes.

Resource Use

Vehicles have a major impact on the environment through their construction, use and eventual disposal. It is estimated that of the CO2 emissions produced over a car’s lifespan 10% come from its manufacture and 5% from its disposal, with the remaining 85% coming from fuel use and servicing operations. In addition to these emissions of carbon dioxide and other air pollutants, the vehicle and related industries (e.g. fuels) consume large amounts of raw materials, and produce significant quantities of waste.

Local Impacts

Vehicle use affects our whole quality of local life. Traffic can be dangerous and intimidating, dividing communities and making street life unpleasant. Abandoned vehicles cause nuisance, whilst air pollution and traffic noise can make urban living uncomfortable.

Information drawn from

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