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I haven’t posted any music for quite a while, and his description of my site on New Hampshire Garden Solutions ( reminded me that it promises “Poetry, music (and) spirituality”. So …

I’ve been playing “Songs Of Love And Regret” by Mal Waldron and Marion Brown a lot recently. On YouTube TEBekken comments, “Incredibly underrecognized album. A true masterpiece. Brown and Waldron conveys true beauty on all selections.”

I concur completely.

Here’s a track from it: their cover of McCoy Tyner’s “Contemplation”

The Ninth Letter


Evanescent froth
Boldly built on shifting sands
As if eternal

Goin’ Home


You have your keyboard with you
plus I see you brought your keys along too.
As for me: I have as you see brought my horn along.

No bass required to intervene, as agreed. Too basing.
No superfluous traps either. A binding promise.
Let’s go play the blues then. Melt into one another’s I’s

Country sounds good (when using ears rather than eyes)
while delta seems inviting also. Finger style?
I’m more than willing if that’s your choice.

Twelve bar, sixteen bar, thirty-two bar if you like.
Muddy water. Let’s dive in and search for a pearl.
Fare thee well. Forever. See you on that other shore.


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