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Plandemic: Scam Panic


We don’t want
To end up, do we?

Like the blind man
In the dark room

Looking for
The black cat

That isn’t there

In Hollywood


In Hollywood miserable rich people who are bad at living teach the public how to live.

In Hollywood people who have lost touch with their humanity teach the public how to be human.

In Hollywood the most fake people in the world teach the public about reality.

In Hollywood they make ninety-minute commercials about how America is perfectly sane and how neoliberalism is totally working.

In Hollywood people pretend to be other people saying words that other people wrote telling stories about things which never happened and we base our entire culture on this.

In Hollywood they make horror movies about a murderous psychopath running around slashing people, instead of making horror movies about the fact that murderous psychopaths rule our entire world right this very moment.

In Hollywood they make movies about good guys fighting bad guys, but it’s never the real kind of good guys and it’s never the real kind of bad guys.

In Hollywood they make movies about heroes fighting powerful villains with ambitions of global domination, but it’s always imaginary villains in an imaginary world and not the real-life villains who are doing exactly that in this world.

In Hollywood they make movies about cops and soldiers fighting on the side of justice to rescue good people from bad people, instead of about the real kind who do the very opposite.

In Hollywood they make movies about a band of protagonists fighting to save the world from disaster, but it’s always some far-fetched imaginary disaster and not the actual disasters our world is hurtling toward right this very minute.

In Hollywood they make movies about superheroes punching supervillains into buildings and supervillains punching superheroes into buildings, never about superheroes using their powers to to do the things real heroes do like leak evidence of corporate and government malfeasance, defy unjust laws, free the unjustly imprisoned, or conduct investigative journalism.

In Hollywood they make movies about imaginary billionaires who use their wealth to fight crime and injustice, instead of about real billionaires who do literally the exact opposite.

In Hollywood they make movies about protagonists who start off happy and then something bad happens so they have to get things back to normal, but it’s a fictional normal that normal people have never experienced in their lives because our society is gravely dysfunctional.

In Hollywood they teach us to expect clear linear stories with easily recognizable good guys and bad guys, and then in Washington and Langley they exploit these expectations by telling fake linear stories about targeted governments with easily recognizable good guys and bad guys.

In Hollywood they train you to think in terms of hard linear narrative and then propagandists exploit that training, when real life follows no hard linear narratives and awakening from this delusion exposes the whole deceitful puppet show.

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A so innocent word need
Yet freighted with illusion
So intoxicated with desire

Go check any dictionary
Its explanation of toxic
Casts a light on the dark

Recognise: need is like fire
Good servant, a cruel master
“In order to …” master key

The Management Of Perception

This is probably the best article I’ve read recently.

It’s Just An Illusion.

Dangly Bits And Traps


Then again
From a Zen
Or Dzogchen
Viewpoint – or Tao
Relax back into Now
Return – Release
Thought destroys Peace
Breeds Illusion
All is One
With no one
Real to worry
To fret or hurry
From here to there
Be more than Aware
Ending up being less
And breathless
Breathe in – Breathe out
No mind what it’s all about

Attack Of The Vapours


No worries … Let go
For life’s but an illusion
You dreamt long ago

Doppelgänger II


Sun on calm water
Not, as seems, a second sun
Merely a mirage

Dreams Not Real (Dreams Not real)

Overview II


Time an illusion
A tapestry unrolling
Fresh? …Well … yes and no

On The Wagon


Discard attachment
Loss a fizzy illusion
And sorrow sham pain

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