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Odd Osprey: Shadorma


No raptor
And misfit
In sum non-breeding migrant
Waiting to go home

Soft Eyes


Gave up the transcendental to focussing
To understanding, judgement, discussion
Stuck in a selfness – The way of the dodo
The all too present hesitant typist pauses

This “poet” – As they’re taught to name us
Personally ever wary of such sticky labels
(Checkout-imposed) trumpeting name tags
Declaring an identity at the cost of privacy

Recalls unwished those dread and dreadful
Sogenannten training days back in the day
Those ten plates cunningly kept spinning
So full, so full of oneself one overflows …

Withdraws for still appalled from that melée
Switches to soft eyes* to reflect on the times
We’d rather get caught up as in the moment
Loosing perspective, accessing the message

This is it – Give it some welly – For this is it
For this age is a mess – Often not here at all
Simply living life as life lives us as if aimless
Directionless – God knows who’s at the wheel

No judge beyond the blowup clown up front
Let go of all that – Fight battles all your own
Checking your watch every now and again
And again and again and again till it’s time

To awaken to this smiling, winking
Welcoming bear hug of an acrostic


Soft eyes

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

*’the soft eyes principle has long been taught as a central precept in various martial arts, like Aikido and Tai Chi Chu’an.

…..“Do not look at your opponent’s sword, or you will be slain by his sword. Do not look into ……..his eyes, or you will be drawn into his eyes. Do not look at him, or your spirit will be ……..distracted.” – Morihei Uyeshiba, Founder of Aikido (“The Art of Peace”)’

Soft Eyes: Tap Into The Power Of Your Gaze.

Old Friends


I have here two much loved books
Originally purchased at second-hand shops
(being pretty short of money in my youth – 10p each!)
I have now replaced them both in better shape
So the earlier copies are surplus to requirement

While I have looked after them carefully
(You may remember from our years together
That I’m always careful with books, discs etc.)
They were a little careworn by previous owners
So I don’t think charity shops would be interested

The content beneath the slightly dilapidated surfaces though
Is too precious to be thoughtlessly assigned to the refuse bin just yet

I recognise you as a discerning reader
And wonder whether you might not
Offer them a temporary home, another reading
Even though it might be their last

In exchange I believe you may receive herein
Some fine entertainment
Some food for thought
Let me know if interested and
I’ll package and despatch them

Home At Last


Distracted actors
Mumbling along lost
Until we give up

Home Again


Now I am in place
And there’s nothing left to do
Since place is in me

A Night At The Opera


Find then the point of silent balance
And there work to cultivate patience

For trusting will emerge from the shadows
Though not perhaps in a guise expected

Forlorn, bespoke yet never yet reclaimed
You are always alone, yet never alone

Returning to the home of your breath
Release each thought as it arises

And relax into that oceanic spaciousness
From which from time to time feelings arise

Picture yourself as being but the opera house
Within which all these dramas are staged

Yourself the audience, quietly attentive
Rather than the tumultuous characters

Who are after all created to entertain
To divert, to teach, to recompense

Peace upon you, and blessings
Upon your homeward trail

Stuck In A Groove


Round and round we go
Home is for the hopeless
Hope is for the homeless
Round and round we go

The Happy Hermit


It’s true I’ve shared my home
With a few folk over the years
And no real disasters as such
So I’m happy to reminisce

It always kind of happened
No big plans, no schemes
(OK, once or twice, to add
A “benefit” to a friendship)

Never under urgent pressure
To solve a cash-flow problem
But simply the flow of time
Of fate and circumstance

So since the family home
And other than when married
I have always lived alone
Come rain or sunshine

Sleep in the afternoon? Fine!
Stay up till all hours? No probs!
Make and break all the rules
Free as a bird … Free as the wind

A few moments of loneliness, yes
But in the end – or at least for me
You just can’t beat living alone
I remind myself “Allein ist am besten”

Fellow Travellers


Comes for us all
The time to roam
To wander abroad
Till we find a new home

Here’s to companions
Happy sharing our exile
Looking forward to the day
They once again enjoy our smile



Winter fills the sky
Miles from the sea these gulls
No longer at home

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