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Awakening she tosses her head
Sprays forth freshsprung nebulae
Flares her noviciate novae nostrils
Sweeps her imperial gaze: aghast
As if not yet aghast; as if galaxies
Her heart an ever opening book
The ever primal word … Selah




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In The Last Moments Of My Christmas Candle (Republished)


In the nest of a speckled thrush
Which contained some good ideas
I swear
I swear I saw a lamb
Who are you, heart of the flame
Who stand in grace above a dying light?
Sad endings across the hollow lake
Ducks at evening
A glacier of wax
The glass mountain of Nativity
Urbane as a bustling sufferer
The whole world in a flame
If it grew as a sheet of steel
For the hammer of hard fortune

Embrace the light
Do not flee before fears of your own face
Or a tree
Hopelessly strong
Though dressed like an artist
I have nowhere to go
There is no flame
No flower without bud
No budding without death
Ah love, to know is to be true
Unsure as a bursting sunflower
On a slender stalk
Living to find the sun
I fear the sharp eyes of the wind

Of a spring and a summer gone by
All my life in a locket round my neck
Containing a few friends
Many books
Many songs
And myself
In flower

I see you pretend to die proudly
Neck as a swan’s
But you will bend your back
Cough like an old man
Spitting in the street his lungs
I am the heart of the flame
The tree
The lord of life
Love is all, love is me
I do not need to tell you
Quite uselessly beautiful
You are the cloudless stars
You are the speckled sky



Since Sunday school been mild and meek
Maladroit at playing at love’s hide and seek
From the touch line watched my heart beat
While my coach advised me, “Be discreet”

Then of a sudden an uninvited thought
That you might be the one I sought
No longer lost in love I can’t care less
And rest at last content to go to press

Truth Or Dare


For more emphasis
We replace love with adore
Yet few dare go through

The Artist


You live through Your art
And speak through Your creations
Their message? Thou art

Phoebe At Play


Gaia’s titanic offspring Phoebe
Dreams of stalking wistful lovers
Spills whispers into mortal ears
Barely cognate, left to guess at or to Fate

“terra incognita” “here be dragons”
“tangles/tangled” “tango” “noli me tangere”
“steamy/steaming jungle” “cunning disguises/linguists interwoven”
“linguistic streaming” “silence science of sleep” “sweet soft surprises”
“nephritic jade” “jaded” “barbaric frivolous”
“intentions ill entangled” “strangely strangled”
“effortless flow” “strangely dangerous”

Words briefly shimmer forth
A disembodied voice intones in rhyme

…………“Misty and mysterious
…………Her disappearing thighs
…………Stand guardian to their darkness
…………In the evening’s whispered sighs”

… and dissolves

Beware then moonlit shadows
For as ancient mariners aver
Within those hoary mists
Phoebe dragons

Another Limp Love Poem


I have it in mind
To speak these feelings for you
But then words fail me

Numerals On A Spree


8, 10 and 6 got drunk again last night
And you know how it is after a few

8 stumbled, fell over and lay there prostrate
As if paying overawed homage to Infinity

10, as usual, got rather too full of herself
And declared loudly, “I am the Digital Goddess”

6 stayed silent and simply sat there, crestfallen
Embarrassed to have turned into a limp flaccid 9

Ode To Hela


Spectral poet days past and buried in the mud,
Dramasis III, Prince of Ancient Egypt,
Priest of Thoth, Devourer of the Crypt,
Floats silent unmarked rivers of blood.

Ripped down the curtains in the time of flood
In a frenzy, as flamenco pangs of separation gripped;
Repetition winging homeward as the bark was stripped:
The death of each treasure producing a new bud.

Slowly now he floats, the tide is sure;
Time’s destruction indestructibly pure;
Now is the step from your last to your first breath.

Open-handed she came, lost-legged she went,
Back to the sundered land from whence she was sent;
Hela, the Green Queen, Goddess of Death.

* Hela is a fictional character, the Asgardian goddess of death in the Marvel Comics universe, based loosely on the Norse myths of the goddess Hel.

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