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A Gift From Heaven


With loved ones
Or close friends
And talking

Sometimes you don’t
Need anything more
Beautiful surroundings
An added bonus

A gift from Heaven

Skin Deep: Four By Six


Complexity can be
Such a burdensome gift
So sympathise with those
Who prefer the shallows



All these possessions
He threw them in the river
Unburden others

Are Naga Dragons Really Dragons At All?*

Dragon’s Loyalty Award

A big thanks to Annie for this beautiful Dragon-related award.

It seems I have to proffer five facts about myself. I have picked my way in between facts I have previously revealed elsewhere (to the best of my knowledge) and those I would rather conceal for one reason or another, thank you, and come up with these:

1. I am left-handed.

2. I have been there and come back.

3. I began life in a Christian house and never left home.

4. However I have built on several extensions, some quite extensive..

5. I am not much of a gardener.

I am also required to nominate between five and ten fellow writers. So, in no particular order:

1. the secret keeper

2. MacKenzie’s Dragon’s Nest

3. Four Windows Press

4. In wonderland

5. The Prattle of Hastings
Smaug Approves


The Blessing


We may choose
Among seven directions
Of travel and exploration
Before, behind, left or right
Above or below, or the one
That is less travelled
The inner journey

My heart glows
To see your resolve
To explore them all

But let us not overlook
The eighth direction
The one over which
We have no control
– Inexorable time

I am powerless
To stay your journey
Your choices are yours
Even that tragic eighth
Yet may at least give
My heartfelt blessing
That you will always
Enjoy seven gifts

Marvellous Mondays
Tremendous Tuesdays
Wonderful Wednesdays
Thrilling Thursdays
Fabulous Fridays
Stupendous Saturdays
Stunning Sundays

In sum, my love

Wish-fulfilling weeks


Thanks to Francina for “Marvellous Mondays”.

Poem On His Birthday


This morning I reflected
That today I am the same age as you were
When I was as much younger than you
As you are now older than me

This just goes to show
The kind of thing that happens
When you start calibrating
What you should be celebrating

So what’s to celebrate
What of worth then
Gathered from the years?

That it’s not what you see
It’s the way that you view it
It’s not what you do
It’s the why that you do it
It’s not what you’ve lived
But the way you lived through it
And that’s what really counts

That you should neither judge nor aggravate
The turmoil that surrounds you
And everything is already perfect
Whether you like it or not

Why rush around in pursuit of pleasure
When you could simply enjoy
The suffering you already have?

That there’s more to the I
Than meets death
And even if you’re dead important
You’re not important dead

Of course I forget most of this stuff
For pretty much of the time
But I wanted to make my birthday
A day to remember

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