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Chorley Market


Sweet market vendor
Incredibly edible
“Ripe juicy navels”
Thirty plus years have gone by
She still bellies my button



On Being An Apple


Unfolds the ancient process
The nurturing soil conceals
A cautious shoot emerges
Left alone becomes a sapling
And at last in time a tree

Season brings forth season
The obedient tree is blessed
With blossom and then fruit
The fresh born apple swells
Untouched by interfering man

Winking reds and greens draw the eye
Delicate scents stir the nostril
Awaken tempting memories
Sharp crunch and bursting sweetness
Mouth opens, longs for ravishment

Plucked, polished, devoured
In anticipated mutual fulfilment
If unpicked another fate awaits
To drop unheeded to the ground
Left bruised to decay and slowly rot

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