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Le Marketing Stratégique


The Citroën DS emerged
A sleek goddess among cars

Then someone had an idea,
Which morphed it into the ID.

Yet one never hears of the PD
And that Promotional Disaster.

They talk of “gay Paris” and yet
Were not quite ready for that!


You probably need to be able to speak French as well as English to fully appreciate this piece. Otherwise, check out and

When reading or reciting it remember that the French pronunciation of Paris is “Paree”.

Dandelion Mystery


Droplets of sunshine
Lion’s teeth the French call them
Now how weird is that?

Through This Palace

…………………………………………………………………….“Elle a passé, la jeune fille” – Gerard de Nerval
Bleak streets of paranoia
Proud new days of dawn
Cold observation through stomach pain and fatigue
Almost a day for the fist
Almost angry for the first time in weeks
Struggling hard against the stream
Tired of taking all the complications calmly
Echo – ache of empty empires – Cinderella On Ice

God – behind the smiling faces and the fearsome masks
Will your wild hair fly away?
Tamla bass playing ecstasies
Bring back old days of Bob
The French take no care of the ill
Just turn them into grotesques
(But you do not wish to know this)
Tragedy blasted mystery of scattered frontiers

Black streaks of shattered fountains
Shaken eyes – armour – benches – silent beaches – branches
Sober street lights yellow-white
Keys of stone and broken arrows of old Indian defeats
(You remember the Indians)
“I’m sure I had something else when I came”
Blank streets of promise
Sombre days of dawn

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