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Skip To My Lou


Here on the download
Day to day is proceeding
The dance continues


* “Skip to My (The) Lou” was a popular partner-stealing dance from America’s frontier period.

In early America, some Puritans regarded the fiddle as a tool of the devil (since it led to dancing, which was regarded as sinful). Faced with such a religious obstacle to socialising, young people developed the “play-party,” in which the objectionable features of dancing were removed or masked. The dancers sang and the audience clapped to create rhythm for their own music. The play-party became a popular passtime for teenagers and young married couples. As people moved westward square dancing and barn dancing became acceptable, at least to some.

“Skip to My Lou” is a simple game of stealing partners (or swapping partners as in square dancing). It begins with any number of couples skipping hand in hand around in a ring. A lone boy in the center of the moving circle of couple sings, “Lost my partner whatll I do?” as the girls whirl past him. The young man in the center hesitates while he decides which girl to choose, singing, “I’ll get another one just like you.” When he grasps the hand of his chosen one, the latter’s partner moves to the center of the ring and the game continues. It’s an ice-breaker, providing an opportunity for the participants to get acquainted with one another and to get into a good mood.

The “lou” in the title comes from the word “loo”, a Scottish word for ‘love’.”

Fidelity (Playing The Game)


Hearts United Two
Wanderers Nil

I hope this still makes sense even if you’ve never lived in the UK.

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