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3-2-1 Quote Me Challenge : Expression

“Tao is obscured by our inadequate understanding, and words are obscured by flowery expressions.”

– Chuang Tzu. (Trans. Lin Yutang)

“The purest expression of fiction is the attempt to create a world, not represent it; thus the creation ought to be more significant than the representation.”

– John Hawkes.

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This post is a response to today’s 3-2-1 Quote Me Challenge,  a challenge which was initially set up by A Guy Named Bloke And K9 Doodlepip

I was tagged by willowdot21 to take part in today’s challenge.

So here’s how it works:-

1. Thank the selector: “Thank you, willowdot. 🙂

2. Post two quotes for the challenge of the day, which today is “expression”. See above.

3. Select three fellow posters to take part in this challenge.

The three lucky folk are listed below. There is no obligation though; only those who would like to play need do so. 🙂

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Woke up ensnared, lost in books
Woven of fiction and fantasy

Awake, metaphor and allegory
May offer you a route out

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