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Cosy Castle


Out in the black a tiny spark
Blooms into flaming flesh
That flickers, a fiery dancer
Amidst a slowly forming picture
Imagined, improved, approved as
Yes … that castle only dreamt of
Time and effort bring it into view
With towers, turrets and bartizans
Crenellations atop sturdy walls
Moat and drawbridge, portcullis
A statement of power, of dominion
A protection gainst any assault
From the envious or less fortunate
Fully equipped with arrow slits
Endless ramparts, battlements
Murder holes and oubliettes
Till in time as will in time all
The tide turns and with a sigh
The sandcastle returns to sand

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

This is a response to Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt #80



This same old same old.
Born, child, youth, adult, old, dead.
Always different though.

Just The One Then: Four By Six


Holding on, letting go
Decisions, decisions!
Many waves, one ocean
Nothing to cling on to!

So What


Go to hell? No probs
Been there already
Came back intact
A few hot baths
A few clockticktocks
And good as new

As the bell rings
For the next round
And round and round
And round we go
Waving, smiling
See you there

Waving back

Smiling back

Manifest II


Forever changing
Forever CHI forever
Forever changing



Deep breath …
And …
Dive …

Cue: Fish
Swimming along alone
Unwittingly … Alarmingly … Lost
In some pea soup or other
Cue: Foghorns

(Cue: Definition
“Anything said or done
On or off stage, that is followed
By some specific line or act”)

Cue: Some moment designated: LOVE
Containing its own built-in distress
Statutory though … So no blame then
And with also some kind of kindness
Inserted just to be on the safe side
As Spring springs to life past Winter
Hmmm … Seems time to learn to listen to learn from Nature

As seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, whole lives
Slip by missed since busy spent seeking top marks
Spent forging on from nought to zero and back
For where’s the harm? Where’s the harm?
After all, after all, what’s zero after all
But the ground from whence all …

Hearts grow cold, a cold unnoticed
Hearts go to seed, to lockstep
Lockstep, lockstep, lockstep
From here and now to eternity
Nowhere now forever forever
Unnoticing the Eternity
Already here

Drowning in a homegrown madhouse
TVnRADIO busy busy busy working
Busy bent normalising the unforgivable
Exuding daily an utter absence of gorm
So good to have a friend though
Even if it is kind of imaginary

Children knew what those are all about
Before some way or another forgetting
Alas a loss alas a loss alas a loss
Brightness of eye now bedimmed yet body
Not yet quite hunted to extinction
Has and retains a mind of its own

Descended from apes
… Just not very far
… And not always in the right direction
Sheep bleat, mumble
“Don’t push at the back there”
An immodest silence
Opens and closes

Stuck fast twixt yes or no, cheese or chalk
Meaninglywhile preferring another option
A timeless walleyed stare into the abyss
Doomed to this personal threshold

Deep breath …
And …
Dive …


This was written as a contribution to The Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt No. 58.


Overview II


Time an illusion
A tapestry unrolling
Fresh? …Well … yes and no

Own Goal


Somewhere out there I swear
Or else on reflection
Somewhere inside exists
That I am in search for

Page Nineteen


Here on page nineteen
There are sentences that think
That they wrote themselves

Eternal Rhythm (30e)


A clinging
Then a relaxing
The rhythm
Of presence
Birth and death are our breathing
We come and we go


Shadorma November

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