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“When The Ear Is Unobstructed, The Result Is Hearing.”



Two children were each given an acorn to plant.

The first was interested, pleased, impressed, deeply moved as it gradually grew into an oak tree, a transformation she could never have anticipated, scarcely have believed possible.

The other was bitterly disappointed.

She had wanted a beech tree.


And this one is for Teodora.

The Tug The Pull


Eighteen it’s
N away we go
A-flirtin’ n a-flatterin’
N a-flittin’s eve’where
N a-skippin’ here n there
N up n down n all aroun’

N knocked sideway a-sudden
At the view of this passin’ Phew!
What a walkin’ stalkin’ potpourri
N we think; stop n take a moment
Of ourly freshly minted wriggly time
Compose right sprightly unspoken memo

Hormones run riot n rush of hot ink blood
A notably knobbly wobbly feverish billet-doux
Scribbled on the frantic crisscrossin’ roads
Of two minds’ minds unwindin’ spools
N the uncrossin’ of two by two knees
Followin’ their foetid horehound fecundity

Till two n two are makin’ merry, merry
Unrequited? – Quite the contrary
Pan n cut to cutesy foreplay
Four teasin’ eyes in a blink of
A wink of a twinkle toed uncurling lip
N the blowin’ of a miriadillium
Of sultry salt sharp kisses

Signed away abandonment
N cried with joy for a while
N blew up n apart n away again
N then cried again … in anguish now
N yet always forgot n forgave
N that also of course too

A Small Boy’s Favourite Word


“Look at me,” he says.
“I can butter my own bread.”
Pause … “It’s AMAZING!!!”

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