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Liber and Libera toast to binary

Spinning dials click into place … Hey Presto!
Check the files within the hidden folders
A crossing of fingers, of tracks … and fade …
Wholesome, essential … so to one’s taste
Hmmm … Wonder what’s coming next?

Liber and Libera toast to binary

Caught sight out the window it’s 1567
Another space domain, same time line
Three witches ride wild in the storm tide
Young Will three years old bard-to-be
Whisper magic words, gift a golden pen

Liber and Libera toast to binary

Miss and Mister Mystery sniff the
Exploding salt tang of liberation
And so achieve the desired intent
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Two-way eyelids’ mysterious presence

Liber and Libera toast to binary

Spin, little ones, spin away
Never mind all this toxic MSM
Perspective management yabber
My God, what an unholy carry-on!
Let’s concoct some of our own

Liber and Libera toast to binary

Chantilly shanties
Rich dark leafy greens
Forward, comrades!
In the morning …



Those there are
Who view humanity
(Many of whom have
A tragically poor grasp of
The humane in humanity)
As merely a by-blow

Left leagues, leagues and leagues
From the one true and original
Bloodline path – That path
That dragons would walk
Else save for the fact
They prefer to soar

Some humans still dream of soaring
And those not lost in their wish to roar
May still do so however discretely
Intuiting an essence denied them
By those whose sole ambition
Is to deny all and any knowing
That dragons are, have been, now are
And forever and forever shall be so

As we as dragons also shall forever be

Hidden Meaning (A Four By Six)


The rose withers in days
Photos and paintings fade
But the essence endures
Forever and ever

The Kiss


Perhaps you may keep
The silver you have taken
But never the gold

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