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Come Back. Over.


Who cared? Who cares?
Who learned? Who learns?
Who fails to learn

who cares who fails
to learn this far down
their very own rabbit hole?

Grubby weathered report
holed up in a cornered pocket.

Darkness. Silence. Stillness.

Out of echoes of memory.
Send me some fresh news.

Come back. Over.
Repeat: send memories of echo.
Come back. Over.

Remember that day
we swore to bring down
the house?

True Name


You mined me for gold
Your pick in your hand

No don’t mind me no
Ore waste your time
For my gold is mine
And mine alone

Nominal – a loan
A nom de plume
Plucked from the air
Light as morning mist

A feathery tag
Tagged – you’re it!
Thought me caught fast
Not so fast though

Not so fast as you thought
A puff of wind blew me
Up, up and away
You cry out my name

From the still sky
Not even an echo

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