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Dragon Father Wakens


A righteous rage bursts forth; a mighty roar
Too long coiled within its egg incubating
Sets the skies alight with livid lightning:
“No! No more! Dragon seed, prepare for war!”
A vile canker festers from shore to shore;
Views land, people just there for ravishing
Yet no amount of pillaging and killing
Can ever quench that bellowing greedy maw.

Leaves sore ears ringing, deaf to all reasoning.
Comes now a settling of accounts: a day of reckoning.
For Mother Earth has suffered for too long.
Her newly risen son sings the dragon song.
His voice rings out from shore to sea-swept shore:
“No! No more! Dragon seed, prepare for war!”

A Poem That’s Hard To Read Out Loud


Woke again
…..(I keep on doing that, I see)
To find myself
…..(Except, of course, I keep getting distracted)
…..(Which is to say I have no idea where I am or how to get out)

I seem to be
…..(René went out for lattes but he’s been gone ages)
…..(Mainly, I admit, because I wasn’t paying proper attention)
On some kind of quest
…..(And a quest, of course, is only the first part of a question)

According to the job sheet
…..(Mine not to reason why and all that)
I’m supposed to slay this dragon, right
…..(And me with these shooting pains all up me left leg all the time)
And rescue the princess
…..(Come on, she’s never gonna take a second look at me)

We all talk nonsense
…..(I read that in a book, I think)
When the dream is upon us
…..(Does that mean I’m not awake after all?)
So when they ask me how I feel about you
…..(As if they really cared anyway)

I say Kpqcahz Rlmxxlc Duybjrq
…..(As if any of the languages I make up can do it justice)

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