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Broken News


Beware the media!
Narrative managers
Quietly pull the strings;
Consumers their puppets.

You wish to eat poison?
If so then please do so
But if not I suggest
You switch the damned thing off!

The White House Goes To The Dark Side


Darth Vader puked sTrump.
sTrump IS Darth Vader … in drag
… but without the brains.

“Thou art a (s)trumpet!” – Shakespeare.
And that’s not the half of it.



Earth the earth mother births forth throughout all time
Fresh oceans and jungles, sand dunes and waterfalls
Mountains and dewdrops, snowdrops and hurricanes

Animal, vegetable, mineral: all relations under one roof
Relations with relationships, even the local hub her Sun
Though that’s another story (Any family has its secrets)

Symbiotic miracles manifest in an ecological ecologic
Self-sustaining, with immunity to exogenous disaster
Then enter stage right the loup-garou, immune to logic

Humanity, wolverine, acts as an autoimmune disease
Fighting against not external foes but its own family
Renegade berserker, out of control and without a cure

Corporate drug baron fat on steroids plays mind games
Touts temporary solutions that suppress the symptoms
While steadfastly ignoring the most obvious causations

Lethal cash infections further weaken the body politic
Peddle profitable pills that promise only artificial health
While side effects are busy destroying something else

A toxin poisoning the heart where love’s dream expires
Stoking fiery emotions where patience once held sway
Eating through the bones whose power is but a memory

Unexplained fevers erupt in rage on the nightly newscast
So-called progress is just a progression of the sickness
An extreme fatigue? Yes, extremely tired of the insanity


This was created in conjunction with Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria. Please check out her sites:

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