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Impasto Imposter


(For shame: further unwarranted symbolisms)

The page has not – not – loaded completely
Something went wrong – went wrong – went wrong

Wiring went wrong – Went AWOL – Went haywire – Rewire

Digital – Digitail – Digitool – Digitall – Digitalis

Intent – Intention – Unintention – Unintended

I Robot – I Roboot – I Reboot – I Reboot – I Reboot

Recovering no now nor now nor neither truth
Nor whatever else once or twice passed for truth

Back then, back there, back in the day
Back it up – Backpack it – Pack it in

Back then back when we postured as one
As one posing as posing as posed as one

As apposite – Or as in opposition
Or as apposite as possible

Or as I – As I – Let’s admit it
As I – uninvited – scammed

(For shame: further unwarranted symbolisms)

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