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Subliminal Messages

An interesting article whidh includes two short videos and a full-length documentary, Programming The Nation. “that offers a full history behind subliminal message. In the film, Warrick examines if subliminal messaging and other subconscious techniques have conditioned the United States public to become one of the highest consuming nations in the world, accounting for about 25 percent use of the worlds natural resources even though its populace makes up less than 5 percent of the global population.”

Filmmaker Reveals The Truth About Subliminal Messages

The End Of The Line

Most of you folk who come to browse here probably won’t comprehend this, which is even more scary. Of course you could take the time to investigate, but then who will find the time? I/We can only hope the author is overreacting. (Though I doubt it.)

Danger Words


Listen close, there, in the air
Not a blaring Tannoy, oh no
But sibilant, subliminal, insidious
Crawling in under the radar
The words are simple
But in context …


Snakes, spiders, formication
Echoes of jackbooted lockstep
They saw what was happening
And looked the other way

Another drop in the ocean
Human beings, human doings
Living like temporary strangers
Another brick in the wall
Building, brick on brick on brick
A prison for people who will never go home again

And in agony those final words
Those simple words
Let my people go

Public Service Announcement

If you use Facebook, I urge you to read this article, A refresher course on Facebook privacy controls. ( It is written by Patrick Marshall. He is a regular technology columnist for The Seattle Times. He has also written for Government Computer News, InfoWorld, PC World, the Congressional Quarterly, and other publications.

To quote one, hopefully eye-catching, sentence from his article:

There’s one other frequently misunderstood fact about Facebook privacy: Because friends of your friends can see some of the things you post and tag — even if you’ve set more restrictive settings — you’re never sure just who is seeing what.

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