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The Happy Hermit


It’s true I’ve shared my home
With a few folk over the years
And no real disasters as such
So I’m happy to reminisce

It always kind of happened
No big plans, no schemes
(OK, once or twice, to add
A “benefit” to a friendship)

Never under urgent pressure
To solve a cash-flow problem
But simply the flow of time
Of fate and circumstance

So since the family home
And other than when married
I have always lived alone
Come rain or sunshine

Sleep in the afternoon? Fine!
Stay up till all hours? No probs!
Make and break all the rules
Free as a bird … Free as the wind

A few moments of loneliness, yes
But in the end – or at least for me
You just can’t beat living alone
I remind myself “Allein ist am besten”

First Love


Meaning, contentment
Passion and deep devotion
Then it all goes wrong



Afterwards, lying
Together in the silence.
Sweet sufficiency.

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