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She often posted
On Facebook
On Twitter

For not going
To meetings
Or rallies
Or protests

Climate change
Carbon footprints

Sadly she had
To stay home
Looking after
Her five children

Loose Change


Endoscopy opens to a hush, closes to applause
Dramatis personæ stride and snivel in between
While the playwright owns up as simply the you
In disguise and of course vice versa – All change!
Newton, Einstein, Erwin and his imaginary cat
A different sounding at each fresh embouchure

Bringing light, demolishing the old – All change!
Revolution on revolution yet nothing changes
Ancient foolishnesses replayed ad nauseam
Minotaurs and dinosaurs strut the halls of power
External, internal weapons of mass distraction

Eternal, essential the pulse the pulse the pulse
Distorted persists, breathes through every pore
Where would we be without our surroundings?
In a flash flood, a roar and a blaze of lightning
The walls of the citadel quiver and fall – All change!
As Alice tiptoes lightly through her looking glass

Boundless waters surround us as above so below
Rivers linger not and carry our bread away
A true love that will neither fade nor wither
Memories drift like leaves torn from a book
Even as the moving hand writes on – All change!

Evenings herald nights overburdened with
Dark eldritch dreams peopled by eery voices
“Wake up at the back there! Pay attention!”
I look around and find myself looking around
“Ninety-eight, ninety-nine …” – “All change!”
“At the third stroke …” “At the third stroke …”

Buy new improved, ditch the old – All change!
Rapine of the earth is not a spectator sport
Advertisements invade us twenty-five-seven
More and more of less is what and all we need
Emergency! Emergency! All hands on deck!

Dumb And Dumber


Don’t fiddle about
Tinkering with dire outcomes
Nail and fix the source

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

Harvard scientists funded by Bill Gates plan to begin spraying particles into the sky in an experiment to dim the sun. (

What the???



The poor children
The poor children

And their children

And could you
Turn up the heating
As you’re passing?

Chan (23a)


Night and day
The sun and the moon
Space and time
Black and white
The dog barks, the cat miaows
What a performance!


Shadorma November

Dragon Father Wakens


A righteous rage bursts forth; a mighty roar
Too long coiled within its egg incubating
Sets the skies alight with livid lightning:
“No! No more! Dragon seed, prepare for war!”
A vile canker festers from shore to shore;
Views land, people just there for ravishing
Yet no amount of pillaging and killing
Can ever quench that bellowing greedy maw.

Leaves sore ears ringing, deaf to all reasoning.
Comes now a settling of accounts: a day of reckoning.
For Mother Earth has suffered for too long.
Her newly risen son sings the dragon song.
His voice rings out from shore to sea-swept shore:
“No! No more! Dragon seed, prepare for war!”



None so blind as those
Who, given the gift of sight
Cannot, will not see

Corporate Mistake


“More is more.” (“And more.”)
(“And more and more and more and …”)
Bang! The bubble bursts.
Not a capital idea
after all; suicidal.

How Convenient


How convenient
These so well publicised “Terrorist Attacks”
In Paris on November 13th; quite a gift for those
Whose announcement of banning any protests
During the Climate Change Conference there
Starting on the 30th of the same month
Can now seem an understandable response
How convenient

How convenient
That President Obama (or Obomber)
Can spew out whatever fancy promises he likes
Knowing he won’t be in office to make good on them
Not that he has any problem breaking promises
Just ask Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden*
… Or the population of Afghanistan†
How convenient

How convenient
That so many people are so fully preoccupied
With the getting into or out of some relationship
Or the immediacy of their every day to day slog
Worrying about the size of their overdraft
Or just housing and feeding their family
And so don’t pay too much attention
How convenient



Goldilocks aka Join The Dots


Time for a wash, a bath, a shower
Not too cold, not too hot, just right

The temperature in my room
Was not quite to my taste, thank you

Luckily I had them all at my fingertips
The air conditioning, the thermostat

Fresh bread lay before me
But I decided I’d prefer toast

I read and created inspiring verse
And scattered it across the globe

Whilst oil-stricken birds washed ashore
And polar bears swam until they died

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