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Old Friends


I have here two much loved books
Originally purchased at second-hand shops
(being pretty short of money in my youth – 10p each!)
I have now replaced them both in better shape
So the earlier copies are surplus to requirement

While I have looked after them carefully
(You may remember from our years together
That I’m always careful with books, discs etc.)
They were a little careworn by previous owners
So I don’t think charity shops would be interested

The content beneath the slightly dilapidated surfaces though
Is too precious to be thoughtlessly assigned to the refuse bin just yet

I recognise you as a discerning reader
And wonder whether you might not
Offer them a temporary home, another reading
Even though it might be their last

In exchange I believe you may receive herein
Some fine entertainment
Some food for thought
Let me know if interested and
I’ll package and despatch them

Books (Of Spells)


A special magic
The fortunate discover
While non-readers not



The day comes
(If you are still here)
When you look
All around
And see all those favourite
Books, discs, videos

The ace ones
You’re not done with yet
Retained to
Though if you started today
There wouldn’t be time

Books Rule (A Four By Six)


Recalling a childhood
Seeking companionship
Family or authors?
Sad to say no contest



Woke up ensnared, lost in books
Woven of fiction and fantasy

Awake, metaphor and allegory
May offer you a route out



Some books entertain
While others offer lessons
My favourites do both

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