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Dumbed Down


Let’s try sensible
The smart ones love it in us
They feel less lonely

Blind Faith


I won’t let them fool me
these nazi commie liberals
these muslim-loving terrorist-supporters

They think I’m stupid
but I’m not stupid
I’m not so easy to fool

Capitalism, deregulation is beautiful
and the free market is magic
and will save the world and make us all rich

Socialists are the scum of the earth
dangerously and evil immoral liars
the spawn of the Devil

Democracy is all about freedom and liberty
invading other countries
and massacring their infidel populations

I know this is true
because I read it in the paper
the same thing every single day

Plus also it’s on the radio

And besides it’s on the TV too

So I know it must be true

No I’m not stupid
I’m a tea bagger, a true patriot
God save America, that’s what I say

(Me too! – Ed. )

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