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Once Bitten: Shadorma


Some woman
Turns and smiles at him
Ignores her
Turns his back
Waits to walk on till she’s gone
“Nowt but trouble there.”

There ‘E Goes (The One Note Samba) – (Republished)


There are eight notes in the octave
(One of them recycles its name)
But then there are always those
Who only recognise one note
Repetitive and relentless

Me Me Me Me Me


Frequently, my initial reaction to this type of person is one of revulsion. but then I sometimes pause for reflection and begin wondering what sort of pain, fear and insecurity this behaviour is concealing.



You understand me
You accept me as I am
That’s irony, right?



In German bitte
Is respectful and means please
But English sticks on
An r and adds emotion
And not a comforting one

The Ingrate


One more empty day
She hopes life will arrive soon
She’s been waiting years



We should get out more
Or so our friends advise us
But people out there
Can be so disappointing
So we coast the internet

Mr Martin


At times I envision us
Preachers, side by side
Restating the obvious

In the forlorn hope
Our words might reach
Ears beyond the choir

Same Again? (A Night Out On The Town)


Sheathed in leather the necrophiles
Straddle Babylon the Whore
While Memphis Kingston blows
(Like Britain grating through the Seventies
I have passed my high water mark
And the wrack stinks along the shore

Like the Royal Navy after an armistice
Full of unwanted and unnecessary seamen
A slave to vile passions)
It says on the bog wall: “What I’d like to know
Is who put the cunt in Scunthorpe?”
Would that my own purpose were so clear

Playing pub games of ancient artifice
Shouldering a passage through the wrecks
Gone aground at the bar
Floundering among all this flesh
Whose strangest suggestions
Are dancing lessons from a siren

Pondering the steps to take
When grace is not enough
And Helen of Troy picks her nose in the ladies
God in the guise of the Lady Incarnadine
Who took from me even my faith
And left me to carry on

O Dear Departed that thought to find
A genital Jesus to save ya
A fallacy – that he might be internally yours
And by a coincidence of opposites
Confused the sacerdotal with the scatological and thought
The penis mightier than the sword


Republished from 2011.

Pick On Someone Your Own Size (Repost)


One day you will look back on this and laugh
Isn’t that what they say?
Except right now they just seem like fatuous bastards
And I’m not ready to “learn from the experience”

Or “pull myself together”
Or “look on the bright side”
Or “be glad you learned the truth before it was too late”
Before it was too late???

It was too late from the moment I met you
Looked up and saw you walk into the room
In fact I looked up and looked toward the door
Even before you walked through it

That little trick you have
Where you stop time
Whatever made me do that?
As if I knew, as if destiny

Was as real as it seemed when you and I were we
But I look where it’s led now and have to wonder
How whoever arranges for destiny
Can really find me important enough to hate this much

Falling In (Or For) Love


Let me fix your life
A wave of my magic wand
A fairy story

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