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Heresy (28a)


This marriage of words
Half-closed doors
Fly open
Naked, virgin thoughts scamper
Hither and thither


Shadorma November

True Love II(11b)


What a fool
To have believed
In true love
What a fool
Till I discovered true love
Forgave foolishness


Shadorma November



No me to be right
Likewise no me to be wrong
What we encounter
Is what we see it to be
The observer no less so


“The world is an illusion; it has no real existence. And this is what is meant by ‘imagination’ (khayāl). For you just imagine that it (i.e. the world) is an autonomous reality quite different from and independent of the Absolute Reality, while in truth it is nothing of the sort. Know that you yourself are an imagination. And everything that you perceive and say to yourself, ‘this is not me’ is also an imagination. So that the whole world of existence is imagination within imagination.”

– Ibn Arabi.

Overreaching Oneself


“I” think “I” know, yet
It’s mostly conjecture and
So I tried out “We” then “You”
But then “I” says much the same

Points Of View


To assert one should live without opinions
Is both clearly impossible and paradoxical
But to defend them or argue them to others
Is both quite pointless and often dangerous

The Eyes Have It

Take a look around you. Now cover your right eye and look carefully at the scene or some specific object. Then cover your left eye and look carefully at it. You will notice that it appears a little different each time, though you may need to switch back and forth a few times before you appreciate this fully. It is apparent that what anything “is” depends on the point of view, and it makes no sense to assert that any particular view is “THE ONE AND ONLY TRUTH”.

If this is the case when we consider the two eyes in a single head, think what this implies when we start to consider all the eyes in all the different heads there are.

Of course some folk only have one eye, and some folk have poor sight or else their vision is distorted in some way, while other folk are completely blind. It would be foolish, surely, to argue with them about the “Truth”. Perhaps an approach to the question with a little more understanding and compassion might be appropriate.



We know so little
While imagining so much
And calling it truth

The Depths (A Four By Six)


These primordial truths
We are bombarded with
Are merely an inkling
And often not the point

Off Line


Why spend each day of life on edge
Without taking time to pause or relax

Preacher, Teacher, Scientist, Anchor
There’s no sooth in their proffered proof

Better to simply watch their lips flapping
With the Sound on Mute and ears open

To that other unadvertised broadcast
To all those to whom it may concern

Who Knows


We breathe in and out
Or at least that’s how it seems
Perhaps we dream it?

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