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EYE is not crazy unless so believed,
EYE rests in the centre and sees,
In calm and quiet, quite quite quiet.
Acknowledging without judgement.
EYE is the quiet before the storm.
Swept away by the hurricane? No!
Simply covered in clouds of ripples.
Solution? Simple. So simple.
Return to the centre.
Release …..
Relax …..
Realise …..
EYE is not crazy, simply I disturbed.
Still and silent EYE is as sane as I.

Broken Lines: Shadorma


Here where the
Various varied
Versions of
Me hang out
Swung by to check whether these
Worn tear ducts still work

Familiar (with image)


A true bond
Is never broken
Birth to death
Life to life
Rooted in one another
Branches of one tree

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

I came across this fine photograph on New Hampshire Garden Solutions‘ site and was moved to republish this shadorma accompanied (with his kind permission) by his photo. His site is one of my favourites, always full of both beauty and interest, and I highly recommend it.

Icy Isolation


An endured endurance
Amid a general bewailing
A mighty sweep then resweep
Ending up within time’s shackles
A past with shadows over the present
A present casting shadows over any future

Everything as the one tapestry … interwoven
The wise weaver will bear this fact in mind
So avoid the trap of uncaring isolation
Above, below … not above, beneath
Beneath a gist always so clear
A something left to give
Something to receive
(As in an I before E
Except after C)

Eh? is for questioning
Be! is for accumulating experience
See! is for understanding
… und so weiter
(E before I!!!!!)

A general bewailing (reprise)

So you can rock
You can roll
Be rocked
Be rolled
Beware of
Avoid avoidance

Left unrequited
Blue and black
Energy medicine
Urgently required
Unadjusted defaults
Uninvited deflation
Stranded on one strange strand

Familiar: Shadorma


A true bond
Is never broken
Birth to death
Life to life
Rooted in one another
Branches of one tree

The First Stage Of The Journey


I started with my head
And ran to the edge of the world
To see all and yet only learn
That I am crippled

Head in the clouds
Feet of clay
Dual natured
Jewel natured but half asleep

My mind is made up
So how can I tell what’s true?
My bed is made up
And I have no choice but to lie in it

Not knowing in the end
Whether I’m coming or going
When most probably
It’s neither here nor there anyway

As I follow the stars
Between discarded cards
Clutching the winning ticket
Only now that the lottery has gone bust

Dragging my feet, forgetting my head
Living my pain on borrowed time
Paying attention at whatever rate of interest I can still afford
In currency of amnesia and anaesthesia

It’s hard to talk
With a fog in your throat
It’s hard to be stereo
With one channel blocked

It’s hard to see
With your father in one eye
And your mother
In the other

When you are at war
It’s hard to be at peace
It’s hard to find the road
To be there all the time

To be here all the time
With you all around me
In these faces and places
To be compatible with you all

If you are compatible
You may be fitted for stereo
If in doubt consult your dealer
At least the head is a place to start

Spellmeister II


Lets go words
Lets go all images

In vivid silence
String quartets
Sprout pirouettes

Free of intent
Dances and teases
Patterns born of chaos

I Am, Therefore I’m Not


On the other hand …
I have several fingers
Which do not agree

Chase That Tail


One being
One moment
No escape
From or to

No need

It And Me


It and me intertwined
Time (me and it)
Growing old together
In the blink of an I

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