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Thank You!

Thank You!

Comeback Time


Feeling again the primordial urge
Stuck as we are in this in between
As we are, we are, we are, we are
In motion, in stasis, in motion

In stasis, in motion, this motion
In between state between states
Moving and yet static, unmoving
Phasing from dimension to dimension

As we, or is it I, or is it we, or is it I
Could, or should, or could, or should
Make, or take, or fake a plan, a plan
To come together, together – joint efforts

Commensurate intentions for it is time
Time to leave all behind, all behind
And look to the future, the future
With renewed energy, lifted spirits

Keep up to speed, slow down speed
Dig deep, dig deep down inside
Take up the torch now, good buddy
The torch that picks up and lights up
The way you are going from now on

A new path of positive intentions
Of plans and coordinated actions
Each day a further prime mission

A mission birthing a new way of living
Shining brighter, ever brighter as we
Lead the way home by example

Come back home

Sleeping Beauty


Heart and spirit pledged
All she needed to do now
Was just be patient



Smile away worries
Think big and think Ascension
Up, up and away!

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