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Couldn’t See That Coming: Limerick


“No outings,” bawls out the government
So go invent your own amusement.”
Self-sufficiency, mind,
Will make you go blind.
For opticians though … a gift heaven sent.

Northern Limericks

Some years ago I composed a short book, “Northern Limericks”. Aside from a few friends it has never been properly published. I have recently re-edited it, polishing a few bits of dodgy metre.

As Wikipedia explains

“A limerick is a form of poetry, especially one in five-line anapestic metre with a strict rhyme scheme (AABBA), which is sometimes obscene with humorous intent.” (

and “Northern Limericks” definitely fits the bill. 😉

It is not suitable for children or indeed anyone who is easily offended by erotic allusions.

Having given that caveat I am offering a copy to anyone who wishes for one. Please note that it is for personal and not commercial use and I wish to retain full copyright.© Ben Naga 2015

If you are interested let me know via a Comment below and I will send you a PDF version at the e-mail address you use for WP. You do not need to include the address in the text of the Comment.

A Juicy Surprise


With Christmas Day rapidly nearing
And new peepholes daily appearing
I suggested pyjamas
But wound up with papayas
Forgotten she’s so hard of hearing

A Nice Piece Of Brie


“If autism’s linked in with diet,”
Her mother said, “why don’t we try it?”
But nibbling on Gouda
Just made her scream louder,
Though a nice piece of Brie kept her quiet.

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