Disgusting: Four By Six


You call it disgusting
But was it disgusting
Up until the moment
You called it disgusting?

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. I wonder if it possible to share an opinion without tainting the receiver’s own opinion with the statement/expression. My thought is that we each carry our own truth’s and hold them dear to our being. But in releasing/realizing one’s truth externally to another, it chances the ability to morph or change another being’s perception of what they once felt.

    So then comes the question, when is it appropriate to share an opinion when it may help evolve another’s opinion – should we limit opinions when they are negative? should we focus more on opinions that are positive?

    Or should we allow ourselves the freedom to freely express our thoughts knowing that we are made better by the internalizing of other’s thoughts, even if in opposition to our own. For internalizing means better defining and understanding your own thoughts, if not for the moment’s consideration that one thought something different than you.

    Much love to you as you make your way through this moment. My mind has been with you as you have been floating through my mind’s expressions. I hope that you are having a pleasant time and finding life to be full of thoughtful considerations. I know that your creative expressions always swirl my mind in the most beautiful of ways. Thank you for that!

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    • I find “truth” a dubious concept. Opinions OTOH are ten a penny, even in one’s own mind. There *is* one Truth with a capital T but it can not express itself in words. I am happy to learn that you find my considerations of value. 🙂 ❤️

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      • I agree with you completely. “truth” in the lowercase sense of the words is basically every single combination of words that exists outside the only words needed to explain “TRUTH”.

        This is a link to a drawing I recently made that I feel really stoked about. I believe it is close to the representation of ONE TRUTH without being too wordy. Though I know because I chose to use words, perhaps the translation is a little muddied. Hope you can see something good.

        I look forward to your considerations and always hope for more of your words. Seeing the infamous more, I know that I am a little greedy when it comes to gobbling up your mind – but it’s so wise and interesting, I can’t help but be pulled in by its wonderful nature.

        Much love to you. I think of you often, wondering how you are. I hope your moments are full of a deep sense of peace that is profound and without pain. 🙂 ❤️

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      • I am glad you included that link. I hadn’t seen any new posts from you for quite a while. I decided you must be too busy looking after your children wile thet can’t go to school. Now I have discovered that WP had removed you from my ‘Followed’ list. They’ve done that before on several occasions with other sites I follow. I don’t know how/why that it. It’s quite annoying! You must have been worrying that I had decided to ignore your posts. 😦


      • I am so glad that you found your way back to my blog. Technology is notoriously good at disconnecting us at the same time it enables wonderful opportunity for communication. Honestly, when I hadn’t seen you around my blog for awhile I thought perhaps you were taking time away from commenting on blogs, perhaps going through something that pulled you away. I figured time would mend whatever happened, and it has. 🙂❤️

        I’m so glad that the first post of mine you have seen in awhile is the Vision of God. That picture feels otherworldly as though I tapped into something greater than I. Lately my posts have been very Kali Yuga based with a tint towards the optimistic outcome of a worldwide pandemic.

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      • “That picture feels otherworldly as though I tapped into something greater than I.”

        Sometimes we do”


  2. That’s perhaps why I don’t like labels.

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