Where ever did I put that gardening hat?
The one I wear for pottering and that
In my aimless though quite agreeable way.
Before I know it I’ve whiled away the day.

“What have I been doing?” I wonder aloud.
Can’t quite recall, start looking around.
I can see a few crumbs there on the floor.
By the sink several mugs, three or four.

There’s a paper back, only partly read
Lying face down on the chair by the bed.
There’s another open on the window sill
A funny kind of travelogue by that Bill …

So I must’ve sat by the window for a bit.
When the sun’s out it’s a good place to sit.
And I’ve had something to eat and a nap.
Still can’t think of the name of that chap.

I’m wearing my gardening hat I realise.
The one that keeps the sun out of my eyes.
It looks like I didn’t even set foot outside.
But I did put the hat on so at least I tried.

It’s getting dark so it’s too late to start now.
There isn’t anything urgent to do anyhow.
What time is it anyway? I’ve begun yawning.
An early night, I think, and in the morning …

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Oh, wow – fantastic. I have some days this discombobulated! They always make me feel like I’ve stepped into my mother’s later years. My own retirement for the most part is every bit as hectic as working years. (But now I create the to-do lists!)

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  2. can’t wait for
    the retirement
    party 🙂

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  3. vidzthepenowriter

    Wow…loved it
    A mixture of emotions
    Stirring my heart
    What makes the mixture
    My heart never minds
    For it knows minding may
    Make it never wanna mind again
    And thats why i just
    Sit mazed though unmazed
    Just wanna say its a
    Wonderful piece of poetry
    A million feelings to find out.
    (If there are millions anyways😋)

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  4. Thoroughly enjoyed this one! 😊

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