Police And Thieves


Duly sworn in as if to protect us
Are our police and politicians

Similarly dogs are very useful
If one for example owns sheep

Having sheep one requires dogs
They each have particular uses

Dogs, see, have a dual purpose
Sheep, bless them, only one

The dogs guard the sheep
While they graze and fatten

The dogs then herd them
To be safely delivered

To the slaughterhouse
To be prepared for the table

Police and politicians
Forsworn and redefined

Police and thieves
Police and thieves

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Dark days of the 80s

    There are always good and bad on all sides. On the whole the UK Police do their best , grossly undermanned. ..
    Nothing changes.

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  2. This reminds me of living here during the Vietnam war. It was and still is terrible. Why can’t we learn from past mistakes?

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    • The latter came to me the other morning when I was still in between sleep and wakefulness. I haven’t tidied it up into a poem, or even decided whether I will, And Mumbai could have been anywhere, I think. Anyway …

      Some people travel to Mumbai overland, some arrive by air, others by sea. They all end up in Mumbai. But each of them find themselves in a different Mumbai from all the others.

      Even McConnell probably thinks he’s doing God’s work, God help us. 😦

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      • I’m hoping I’ll live to see Mitch McConnel and his cronies prosecuted for treason against the people of America. If I was running the show they’d all be in prison.
        I’ll be looking forward to the poem. I was just telling an 18 year old the other day how my generation had to live an entire lifetime before we turned 18, because we knew we were going to Vietnam and we knew we’d probably never come back. It was party, party, party and then die. I’m so glad I can tell you about it!

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      • I am glad you’re here to tell me too. And touched that you might wish to do so. The UK ended compulsory “National Service” just before I was old enough but I’d have opted for “conscientious objection”. As it was I still spent my employment years working with folk with learning disabilities.

        As for the poem: it’s finished now and you earned first glance so – if you haven’t changed your WP e-mail address – watch your inbox. 🙂

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      • Thank you Ben, I enjoyed that because it made me wonder, and I’m honored.
        And I wonder if most cites aren’t like Mumbai? I’ve talked with people about Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Tampa, etc. and we all seem to have seen different cities.

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      • The Mumbai in my semi-dream I read as a metaphor. After all poets, awake or asleep, spend much of their time within one metaphor or another. 🙂

        No two people ever “see” the same thing, I think and my experience would seem to confirm that..

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      • Though poems (bad ones) have poured out of me in the past I do struggle with them sometimes.
        I always trust the true poet though, whether he be Bob Dylan, Walt Whitman, Ben Naga, or Moondog.

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      • I blush to be numbered among such as these. Thank you.


    • And thanks. This just might make its way into poemhood now thanks to your comment.

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  3. Give a guy a badge, uniform and gun > and see his true nature.

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