Secondhand Living (Republished)


Your very own death watch beetles*
Mark seconds, minutes, hours
Then days, weeks, months and years
Their insistent ticking unheard by your ears
Fine tuned instead to mental scurrying
Myriad mind maps, multiplex memories
Journeys undertaken or imagined
Varicoloured projections outdoing
Any Hollywood lollapalooza†
With anadipsic* dreams gushing
While hearts intertwine to the tune
Of Bonaparte’s Retreat or are blown apart
To morph into gory gut wrenching disasters
And you follow your feet down the street
Oblivious to the momentous truth
That moment by moment
You are acting against green screen

~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

* Death watch beetle –

† Lollapalooza – an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance. (Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright 2005, 1997, 1991 by Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.)

* Anadipsic – An enchantment that requires a tremendous amount of personal arcane energy. (

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. Thank you for drawing me to this first thing in the morning. It is such beautiful music to illicit beautiful feelings deep within as you take in the truth of the what the poetry was trying to express. For me, I took in simply that all life is an act and we are merely playing our parts. The fun of the act comes in when you look within and ask why it is you are playing the part that was destined for your being.

    Why did Karma choose you to be the you that you have found yourself to be?

    Why did Destiny lead you to the moment that you have found yourself in?

    Why did Fate dictate that you should follow the path before you?

    Why did God allow the other three to create something so wondrous for you to experience?

    There aren’t any given answers, only understandings to find within. And within is an entirely subjective journey that can produce a myriad of results.

    The question becomes, with the possibility of a myriad of results, can it be said that anything is truly planned? Or is the reality that everything flows naturally together on its own despite our best efforts to rock the boat and cause chaos within and without?

    Does reality wish for togetherness while we individuals fight to be different?

    Does our individuality separate our being from the wholeness that is truthfully reality?

    Is it not that we are one and therefore in reality we are not individuals but rather pieces/parts of the greater one we are in truth?

    So if we are but a single part of the whole, why is there a demand for the recognition of the part apart from the whole? Why does any one piece feel the right to demand personhood apart from the being that it is? Why does the inner workings of the whole seek separation from that which it is?

    Was the whole meant to come apart into the many?

    Or was the many meant to come together to be a whole?

    Does it matter? Is it saying the same thing?

    If you are considering that you are saying the same thing different ways, is there truth to be found in the similarity of the statements? Did both come to light to present a choice? Or has the choice already been made since we are but actors in this game of life?

    Do we dictate the reality and truth before us?

    or Do we find the truth of reality by existing within our personhood?

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