A Brave Face


We show them our best
Knowing they will discover
The rest on their own

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. I like the thought of a relationship where only the best is ever given. So no matter the moment, you always find yourself wonderfully blown away by the best of the person you have come to know. Because why would you ever consider someone doing less than their best? What insight would ever give you the true privilege of understanding their action was less than their potential in that moment? And so if in a moment we pause and consider the other is showing less of themselves than they have shown before then perhaps it is on us to be a better friend and understand what is making their best in this moment less than a moment in the past.

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    • “I like the thought of a relationship where only the best is ever given”

      I think *that* type of relationship does not exist except as a thought. In real life there is no one – bar the odd saint, perhaps – who is perfect or perfectly able to see themselves. either.

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      • Perfection is an ideal I think we fantasize and make out to be more unrealistic than possible. Perfection happens in the world. I think more than we realize. I just think that we as people are less than capable of judging perfection, calling it unlikely or impossible, thus making the recognition of the state of perfection a difficult task.

        I wish I could introduce you to my husband. I think he would make you consider the reality of perfection and how humbly it takes place. He blows me away with his incredible self awareness and his ability and strength to be a better person for people who regularly fail to be their best selves. He makes mistakes but the perfection of his being is that he quickly realizes an error has occurred and he immediately goes about the business of correcting the offending behavior and resolving the negativity of the situation caused by the error.

        I can honestly say that my husband makes me believe in saints and heaven and God so noble and comforting is his being. It’s like I have a living piece of Heaven right along side of me. And it is perfect. I wish I could share with you more than words how possible perfection is.

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        Give it up
        These foolish attempts
        To cover
        The whole world
        With leather so’s to protect
        Our sensitive feet

        Far better
        Since achievable
        Watch our step
        And wear some
        Stout but comfortable shoes
        Wherever we go

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  2. Giving best always should be an effortless habit. Or else accept each other as they are.

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