Words Of Love


Don’t do that!
Do as you’re told!
Don’t talk back to me!

And you can wipe that look off your face
I had great hopes for you
The nurses must have dropped you on your head

You shouldn’t feel that way
You should have known better
Well I hope you’re feeling ashamed of yourself now

I can’t believe you did that
What were you thinking of?
It serves you right

Why don’t you ever listen?
Don’t you ever think about anyone else?”
You’re not the centre of the universe

Except of course …

About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feeling.

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  1. I hear a little bit of me with my boys in there. But I’m not that bad!

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  2. Oh my…this one made me laugh since I think every parent in the world has said similar words of love….a great one!

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    • I found laughter a strange reaction to this piece. Perhaps because I have never been a parent and only met these “words of love” as a young recipient. Perhaps this will serve as exorcism?

      And thanks for the plaudits.


  3. That brought back memories, and not all of them good!

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    • Life in the raw, which can sting. This kind of all too frequently common experience is not often acknowledged. Hiding it away does no one little good in the long run. I decided it was time to give it an airing. Thanks for your companionship. It is appreciated.

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  4. All of those brought back a lot of memories…. I think this kind of scolding was common for parents of our generation – and their parents. My mom used to say “shame on you” a lot, and to this day hearing the phrase makes me shrivel. She was very loving most of the time, so I wasn’t scarred too badly. But…I feel where you’re coming from, Ben.

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    • Shame is such an awful emotion and as for wishing someone else to experience it … It seems like the complete opposite to love or compassion.

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      • I agree with you, Ben. It seems our parents thought such phrases would encourage us to do better. But all it did was destroy confidence, make us feel that we were inherently bad. My parents didn’t know better – they just emulated their own parents. Fortunately I did a lot of reading in psychology (especially child psychology) before having kids and learned one should never label our children. We can teach and discipline without tearing them down, without making them feel unloved.

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      • Yes. You possibly recall this from a couple of years ago:


        Don’t blame your parents
        They were already upfucked
        Before you were born

        ~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~

        I’m not sure that I have anything new to say, just different ways of saying it.

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      • Ah, yes – I do remember that one! So true, alas. 😞

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