How To Be True: Repost

Two years exactly has gone by. I came across this and it seems as relevant as ever.

Ben Naga

“To be benevolent to all beings is true goodness.
To dissolve all differences into unity is true greatness.
Not wishing to dominate others is true depth of spirit.”

…..– Chuang Tzu (c. 369 BC – c. 286 BC)

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About Ben Naga

The Spirit that graces me with its passing has no name and stems not from thoughts and words, though it gathers them up as it flows, but from feelings.

Posted on November 25, 2018, in Poetry. Bookmark the permalink. 15 Comments.

  1. great misfortune
    endowed with opposite 🙂

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  2. Is that all? It seems like two lifetimes.

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  3. Two years, and yet it seems like two hundred. . .that image is terrifying.

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  4. The heaviness of it…. I can’t bear the thought of another two months, much less two more years….

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    • I feel for all of you suffering this.

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      • I know things are stressful over there too, with the Brexit situation. Hopefully you all get that resolved soon. An unsettled world we currently live in.

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      • Not for me, actually, as I don’t read newspapers, listen to radio or watch TV. There’s more truth, more spiritual nourishment and better entertainment to be gleaned in watching Xena, Warrior Princess. The whole fiasco passes me by or vice versa. In any case I have no idea what the overall effect would be in the end of the UK leaving or remaining in the EU so any opinion I adopted would be based on empty conjecture and I don’t think all these people who are getting so worked up about the (manufactured) issues have a clue either for the same reason. Even the word itself was manufactured by the MSM (main stream media). Simply more mass distraction.

        END OF RANT 🙂


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